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Laura looks to excite consumers about the farmers that surround them. Laura's Private Butchery Service connects local farmers directly to consumers by offering a sophisticated culinary experience in whole animal purchases
Private Butchery


The Farms

Any meat worth eating comes from a farmer worth knowing. 

Laura partners with local small, family run farms in Colorado. Laura only sources meat that follow these principles:

      - No Growth Hormones

      - No Antibiotics

      - Pasture Raised

      - Humanely Raised and Slaughtered

Laura encourages knowing exactly where your meat comes from, and asking all the right questions. 

The Meat

Purchasing a Whole , Half or Quarter Animal

Buying whole animals is beneficial for many reasons. 

     - It helps the farmer move stock

     - Fraction of the cost of retail

     - Introduces you to new cuts and

      cooking methods

Every order begins with a one on one consult with Laura, mapping out every cut to your specifications.


Everything will be customized for your household. 

From curing, smoking to gourmet sausages, Laura also brings her culinary experience to your product. 

The Whole Package

Beyond the cut...

- Every item is vacuum sealed and

  packaged beautifully

- Every item includes suggested cooking

  tips and tricks

Once your Butcher, always your Butcher. 

    Laura will always be available

    to answer all of your meat questions,

    any time.

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