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Pricing Breakdown


Each order starts with the cost of the animal including any processing fees from the slaughter house. 

This amount varies by farm as well as by animal. 

This portion of your purchase is given directly to the farmer. 


Laura The Butcher takes the animal from the slaughter house and processes it with your specifications. 

This cost includes:

- One on one consult - 

- Complete breakdown of your animal with custom cuts - 

- Beautiful packaging - 

- Customized tips and recipes for your cuts of meat -

- 'On Call' Butcher ready to answer any questions for as long as you have the meat!

Laura goes the extra mile with your animal to offer products you will never find at any custom processing facility. All extras are optional, and the possibilities are endless!


- Custom Hide Processing (that beautiful sheep rug) -

- Custom Cures (Salamis, Guanciale, etc)

- Gourmet Bone Broth Quarts -

- Gourmet Demi Glaze -

and much more!

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